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 An useful review

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PostSubject: An useful review   Wed Aug 03, 2011 1:09 pm

Hello. Its ok rods48. It seemed like you were not listening to the previous suggestions in your other threads, and i am kinda paranoid to begin with. Welcome to A.D., not all of the members are as strange as me. Smile All we want is for your problem to be fixed. We make the suggestions, but you have to do the actual changes. 512mb is the minimum needed for DVD ripping. Anything less, and you have a very high chance of it failing if you use Nero. Decrypter seems to need less ram and will work many times when Nero will not. Good quality blank media is also very important. Guyrus told me to take a chill pill back then, and it helped. It's ancient history now. I have thick skin. And multiposts seem to bring out multi-personalities out of me.. Not a good thing most of the time. Take the Blue pill ... Smile Die CMC Mag!!!
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An useful review
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